Well, I'm home now! I meant to post more on vacation but our wi-fi in the hotel room got progressively worse as the trip went by... it was pretty weird. I'd turn on my laptop and have like 5 minutes of connectivity before it disappeared for the day. Luckily I got to video chat with Hypatia once (seriously, we meowed back and forth. It was pretty awesome) before the wi-fi just vanished completely.

The trip was SO fun! I didn't prepare for the weather at all, though. I packed dresses and shorts, totally not expecting 60' or 50' in Florida! A few days before we came home I just caved in and bought sweatpants. Not normally my style, but at that point I couldn't have cared less about how I looked. I'm wearing them in the picture above (taken after I collapsed on the floor from exhaustion after like 15 basketball games, haha!)

My mom caught a cold a couple days before we left, and then I caught it from her on the way home. I am SO sick right now :( And so jealous of my mom... she always gets over sickness in like 24 hours and then feels right as rain again. I take after my dad and get long, lingering colds that last for days and days and days. I'm glad that it waited until I was home (who wants to be sick on vacation, right?!) but being a small business owner and getting sick after 10 days away, AND on the busiest shopping weekend of the year, is sort of stressful. Luckily I've got an awesome family helping me out, so I think I'll manage :) No outfit posts for a little while though... I seriously look like a train wreck right now. yuck.

Well, I hope everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving!!