Sunday, December 2, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

I'm finally starting to recover from the cold from hell. I can't believe I've been really sick twice already and it isn't even officially winter yet. yikes! I'm loading up on vitamin c and hoping I can stay healthy for a while. To lift my spirits I started decking my room out for Christmas! I spend so much time in here, it's nice to be surrounded with holiday decorations to make me feel some Christmas cheer while I work!

I got this purple tree at Michaels this year. It's so beautiful, and I'd never seen a purple tree before... and I had a 50% off coupon, so bringing it home was a no-brainer! ;) Now I just need to find some tiny pastel ornaments to finish it off! I haven't been to Target yet since they put out their Christmas decorations so I'm hoping maybe they'll have something that will work. If I can't find anything there I might just DIY some!

My beloved white shelf actually broke last week, so I had to buy a new one :( It's almost exactly the same but the layout of the shelves is different from my old one, with a giant display space in the middle. At first I was a bit disappointed because I liked the old layout so much but I'm starting to really love this. I think I might make my own putz village to display there each Christmas! In the meantime though I just made a little Christmas light garland from craft store bulbs and embroidery thread!

In Disney I picked up three of these Santa hat ornaments, hoping desperately that they'd fit on my bobble heads when I got home, and they do!!! Hands down my favorite decoration in my bedroom.

I got this little tree at Target last year, along with the tree topper and the snow girl under my lamp. The gnome figurine was another Disney purchase, in Epcot Germany. And every year I switch out my "pink champagne for dancing" record that I normally have on display for my Bing Crosby Christmas record :)

I saw these lollipops at Michaels and knew they would be perfect for my ikea cabinet! I'm really tempted to keep them up all year long, or at least find something similar since that big white space sometimes drives me crazy. Must. Have. Clutter. Everywhere. At. All. Times. ;p

Finally I put some snowflakes and lollipops on my string hanging thing (what is it called?) and switched out an embroidery for a vintage plastic santa head :)

I only started decorating my room about two years ago so my assortment of Christmas decorations is pretty sparse but I like that I'm starting to build my own collection!