I've decided to take an indefinite break from Scathingly Brilliant, twitter and instagram. If you're interested in keeping up with my art & projects, I'll still be blogging regularly on my portfolio blog here. Otherwise, thank you for a super fun almost-five years!

xo Kate


back in the swing of things

Well, not really. I haven't done an outfit picture in my room in about a month and it's not so much like riding a bicycle. I think part of it is because I still feel sort of sick (and sickly) so taking pictures of myself to post online doesn't feel too natural at the moment ;p I took about 20 and then just gave up and settled on this one lol

At least I'm dressed though! I spent WAY more time in pajamas the last two weeks than I'd care to admit. I do love pjs, but only when I change into them at night and they signify the end of work & beginning of cozy. When they're worn nonstop for days on end they lose their appeal for me.

Dress- modcloth | Sweater - h&m | Shoes - asos | Tights - target