I've decided to take an indefinite break from Scathingly Brilliant, twitter and instagram. If you're interested in keeping up with my art & projects, I'll still be blogging regularly on my portfolio blog here. Otherwise, thank you for a super fun almost-five years!

xo Kate


what's in my bag

If I ever lost my purse, whoever found it would definitely be able to deduct three things about me: I really love the color pink, Hello Kitty, and cats. ;)

Right now I'm toting around this super awesome cat-shaped bag from OASAP. The pouch on the back is just big enough to carry everything I need -- my wallet (from the Sanrio store in NYC) my sunglasses (from Sweet and Lovely) my glasses case (from Epcot Japan) with my pink glasses inside (from Coastal) Trident gum, hot pink Baby Lips lip balm and my iphone (Hello Kitty case also from Epcot Japan!)

ps. Sweet and Lovely was down yesterday because storenvy was doing maintenance (perfect timing for a shop update blog post, right? facepalm.) but it's back up again today if anyone actually wanted to check out the new stuff. Just fyi :)