Tuesday, November 13, 2012

birthday frock

This is what I wore for my birthday yesterday! My dress from modcloth did end up coming in the mail in time, and I love it, but I ended up going with something a teensy bit less dressy. We're going out for a birthday dinner with my grandmom when I get back from my vacation, and I think that will be the perfect occasion to wear the dress! :)

I have this post scheduled.. I'm writing it at 12am and I have to wake up to catch a plane at 5am! Yikes!! By the time this goes up I will be in the air!! It's my first time flying, and I am SUPER nervous (probably why I'm still up at 12am when I should have been sleeping a long time ago, lol) I'm incredibly excited about my trip, but at this very moment the combination of anxiety over flying and heartbreak at leaving Hypatia with my dad for nine days is really overwhelming. I wish there was a way to take vacations with my cats, using teleportation to get to my destination. Someday...

dress and purse - modcloth | coat - ebay | shoes - urban outfitters | belt - asos
tights - target (if anyone ever sees these, let me know? I would kill for another pair
but I can't find them in stores or online anymore :(

ps. I just realized it looks like part of my finger is missing in the last picture, lol!! Rest assured, my fingers are all intact, I just had it folded in the photo ;p