Greetings from Animal Kingdom!

On Wednesday we went to the Animal Kingdom, and this is what I wore! I've been wearing the shorts-and-tights combo every day so far. It's really comfy and I don't feel frumpy :) Well, how could anyone ever feel frumpy with these sneakers!? lol! They're so fun!! And really, really comfortable. We're doing a lot of walking and they're holding up well so far.

I got these iphone cases for me and my mom, so it would be easier to take pictures on our phones. Last year I kept mine in my purse in its silicon case, and it was just too much of a hassle to take a quick snapshot. These are perfect, but a little stupidly designed. The strap connects to the top part, which can snap off way too easily. One jostle on the strap, and your iphone could go tumbling to the ground. Luckily I had done research about this before buying the cases and knew it was an issue, so I got heavy duty black rubber bands to keep the top part connected to the bottom. It's working wonderfully, and you can't really tell that it isn't a part of the case unless you look hard :)

We're just having SO much fun! I think the nicest thing about being on vacation is never having to cook or clean up, lol! I've been having so many scrumptious meals (my favorites so far were the fried green beans and the beef and broccoli (minus the beef) at the Yak and Yeti They were really accommodating for my vegetarian diet there.) It really beats heating up day-old spaghetti on a regular basis at home, haha! :D

Well we're off to Epcot today! ttfn! (That's Tigger speak for "ta ta for now!")

Shirt- urbanog | Shorts - emerging thoughts | Sneakers and belt - asos
Lady tie - flapper girl | iphone case - amazon | Sunglasses - sweet and lovely