Tuesday, November 6, 2012

we're clearly soldiers in petticoats

Well, I voted! Did you? I was raised in a pretty political family so we watch the news like mad and volunteer and get VERY stressed waiting for election results to come in. I don't like to discuss politics with friends (I'm of the mindset that talking about religion, money or politics is a surefire way to break up a friendship) or on this blog, but I think that talking about civic duties and suffragettes is safe territory ;)

It's so weird to think that not too long ago I wouldn't have been allowed to vote. My Aunt Annie (who is turning 101 next month!) is old enough to remember a time before women were allowed to cast a ballot... it's just unreal to think it was that recent, isn't it? Anyway... I just think that we owe it to our mother's mothers, who fought for us to have this opportunity, to take some time once a year and exercise our rights as American women. If you're on the fence about voting today, please consider going. If your elderly relatives have trouble making it to the polls, offer to take them. If you're too young to vote, consider volunteering. We can all make a difference!

We are so privileged to live in a country where our voices are heard, and so lucky to live in an age where being born female no longer disqualifies you from voting. No matter which candidate you are voting for or what party you're affiliated with -- if you haven't yet, please vote! :)

ps. I don't know if it's my whole state or just my particular polling place, but we don't get cute little "I voted" stickers like everyone else seems to. So I made my own! If you're similarly annoyed and want to show some civic pride, here's the sticker I made :)

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