at the boardwalk

Yesterday we went to Downtown Disney and had lunch at the House of Blues (my first time back there since they added cheese and jalapeno peppers to their don't-mess-with-perfection amazing cornbread. I was quite sad) then we wandered around the Boardwalk resort before going to Hollywood Studios for the rest of the day. No super amazing food yesterday (partially because my old favorite cornbread no longer exists) but something pretty awesome happened when we got back to our hotel.

I should probably add here that I've gotten sort of obsessed with arcade basketball games lately. There's one at our movie theater, and I've been challenging my dad every time we go. I've been beating him too, which isn't half bad considering he's a foot taller than me and used to coach basketball when he was younger!

Anyway, there's an arcade in our resort and the basketball game there is one of those full-scale super tall ones that's incredibly intimidating when you're only 5' tall. I got like 4 points the first few times I played, and I was getting pretty discouraged, but then I became filled with an all-consuming determination to beat the high score on the machine.

AND I DID!! eep! And, get this, there are two machines in our arcade and I beat the high score on BOTH. I was pleased as punch, let me tell you! I called my dad to gloat and then went to sleep a happy camper :)

shirt, cardigan and shorts - forever 21 | Sneakers - asos | Sunglasses - sweet and lovely