Friday, January 18, 2019

misty water-colored memories

I don't know what it is about January but I always feel like I look kind of doofy in my outfit pictures this time every year lol!

This dress actually has a really bad memory attached to it, so I hardly ever wear it. I like it too much to get rid of it, but I rarely ever pull it out of my closet because I just think about that one time I wore it. I don't know if it's a smidge of superstition - that wearing something you wore on a Very Bad Day will curse this day, too -- or if it's just that I try to avoid anything that reminds me of bad memories. Either way, I think this year I want to try to break out this dress more often and create some good memories inside of it! Then when I peruse my closet I'll be like OMG it's the dress I wore when I saw my favorite movie on the big screen! And when I cuddled with cats at the animal shelter! And when I had lunch with the Obamas (you never know!)

dress - dorothy perkins (old) | cardigan - old