Monday, January 7, 2019


My shop is back open today (technically it's been open the whole time, but I'm back to shipping same or next day again now) and I'm just not ready for the lull. There's always a really horrible lull after the holidays when I'm *ready* to get back to work but the orders just aren't there for me to get back to work, to. If that makes sense. I get so used to the pace of holiday sales and then January feels so dead that it's kind of eerie. So this day - reopening my shop - is always kind of anti-climatic.

Anyway. I guess I should just take advantage of the down time and get some new drawings done. I have SO many ideas right now (mostly button sets, my ideas are all coming in the form of button sets at the moment) and I need to start whipping them up. I also thought I might just get a jump on next Christmas and start making new ornaments, cards, etc. now. It always gets so hectic around the holidays, why not get that stuff done WAY in advance so I can take it easy in November? Sounds like a plan to me! :)

dress - sammi's poshmark shop | cardigan - c/o modcloth
shoes - bait footwear | belt - forever 21 (old)