Monday, January 21, 2019

forget poodle skirts...

... how about poodle shirts!?

I got this from Dangerfield, an Australian store I just spent waaaaay too much money at after Sammi shared one of their dresses on pinterest (sidenote: I'd say approximately 90% of my spending originates from Sammi's style board and you should definitely follow it!) For the first time in at least ten years I've actually lost enough weight to go down a dress size which is making shopping very weird. I keep buying things in my normal size out of habit and the disbelief that anything smaller could possibly fit me. And then they come in the mail and I inevitably have to return them for the next size down. I just can't seem to order the "right" size from the beginning. It doesn't seem realistic, even though it's increasingly evident that I have a new size now. I think it's just weird to me because in the mirror I don't see any difference at all, I still look short and slightly plump :)

I have so many dresses in my closet that I love that are hanging just a little too loose though, and I'm not sure what to do. Eat a ton of cookies?? That would certainly be the most tasty solution, but I probably just need to sharpen my sewing skills. I'd love to find a way to alter my clothes in a way that isn't actually permanent. Just in case things change and that weight comes back, I wouldn't want to have ruined all of my clothes in the meantime.