Friday, January 25, 2019

don't fence me in

I brought this dress with me on my Wyoming trip last year and even though it ended up being way too windy to wear it (I literally walked out of the hotel, circled around the block and went right back inside to change into pants! lol!) it still reminds me of that trip whenever I wear it.

My favorite part of the trip was stopping in Denver before catching a flight home, and I hope so much that I get to return sometime soon! I was only in the city for one day but I just enjoyed it so much. The food, the weather, the stores, the people.. it was just such a lovely day. I'm currently reading a book that I purchased at the Tattered Cover bookstore while I was there, and the bookmark they slipped inside is a constant reminder that I want to go back.

dress - asos | sweater - old | shoes - aldo