Tuesday, May 27, 2014

on a roll

I've been so happy with my outfits lately! I feel like I've only posted a handful so far this year because I kept feeling so underwhelmed with how they turned out. It's probably a combination of a bunch of things -- I finally like my hair again for the first time in months (wish it was even longer, but I'm okay with waiting), all of my clothes are all in one place (I never got around to bringing everything to my apartment when I moved), and I'm feeling a little more confident about my appearance again. I went through a spurt this winter where I just felt so frumpy all the time.

But probably most importantly, I'm happy. And I think that translates into how I dress. Happiness is my fuel for creativity and my drive to get dressed in the morning. When you look forward to getting dressed, as opposed to dreading it like I was earlier this year, good wardrobe things happen :) I'm actually thinking about doing some kind of post series/ebook/sort of thing this summer about confidence and creativity in dressing... hopefully that's something some of you might be interested in? I just feel like it's something I would have wanted to read when I was struggling with my style and self-image the year I started this blog. And probably earlier this year when I needed a little kick in the polka-dotted pastel pants ;)

dress - c/o oasap | cardigan - c/o oasap | tights & shoes - urban outfitters
belt - from another dress | peter pan collar - luminia