Thursday, May 29, 2014

hearts and cats

I'm still getting the hang of taking outfit pictures in my new room. It's on the same side of the house as my old room so it should get wonderful afternoon light, but we have a giant bush blocking one of the windows. It's all thorny and wild so I need to wait until Kyle has a day off and bribe him to tackle it for me. In the mean time I guess the light is still better than my apartment, which got maybe 10 minutes of sun in the early morning and then was shrouded in shadows for the rest of the day. yuck! It's funny how I used to think people on house hunters were so picky when I'd probably have a pretty long laundry-list of must-haves now myself. Good natural light and windows in the kitchen would both top my list. And after moving everything into and out of a second story walk-up, I think ground level would probably make it onto the list as well, lol ;)

tights - h&m | belt - from another dress | cat brooch - c/o i love crafty