Friday, May 2, 2014

among my souvenirs

I'm really bad at packing for vacation. I usually bring weather-inappropriate clothing, shoes that aren't fit for excessive walking, bags that aren't sufficient for holding all of my stuff, etc. No matter how many times I travel I don't seem to get any better at this. So it was no surprise to me when two days into my California trip last month, me and my sore achy feet waddled into H&M to pick up a pair of comfy flats. 

The one benefit to my poor planning is that I always seem to come home with functional souvenirs. Yes, these are from H&M and I could get them at my local mall, too, but now they will always be my "California shoes." There's my New York dress, an orange and white sleeveless frock that I picked up on a way-too-hot day when I was wearing leggings and a turtleneck. There's my Scranton cardigan that I got at the Steamtown Mall when I realized I hadn't packed any sweaters for the Office Wrap Party last May.

I love getting normal souvenirs, like snow globes and mugs, but having all of these mementos in my wardrobe lets me relive my favorite vacations on a regular basis, reminding me of happy memories way more often than the knick-knacks on my shelf do.

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dress- trade with amber ages ago | sweatshirt - american apparel | jacket - f21
shoes - H&M | sunglasses - urban outfitters | purse - H&M