Wednesday, May 14, 2014

home sweet home

I'm home! I told you I had the workspace set up already, lol ;) I took photos of my office before I packed everything up so I could recreate the exact art layout when I hung all of my pictures up again. Basically the only difference is that I decided to paint the walls pink. Kind of like the whole "living on my own" experiment, I decided to try white walls in my apartment and, also like the living alone experiment, I hated it. What can I say, I need lots of color in my life (in case you couldn't already tell) I feel like my whole room is glowing a little and it's just so darn pretty.

I just got this adorable dress in the mail and, what with the new pink walls and my incredibly rosy outlook on life at the moment, I decided my first outfit post back at home should be PINK PINK PINK :D Pink hair, pink walls, pink dress and pink shoes.