Saturday, May 17, 2014

happy birthday, moron

My little brother, Kyle, is 20 years old today. WHAT. It's weird being just that much older than your sibling that you're able to vividly remember their entire life. It seems like just yesterday that he was sitting in a high chair with food all over his face, so it's just super weird that he's 20 already. Still with food all over his face.

We've ended up being ridiculously opposite in almost every way imaginable but somehow we're still really close. He's like my honorary big brother, he's always looking out for me and trying to protect me whenever he can. Despite the arguments that ensue over what music to play in the car, we're great road trip buddies and just in the last year we've been to almost every state on the east coast (and Canada!) I say it all the time, but I am SO lucky to be so close to my family, and Kyle is no exception. Even though he can annoy the heck out of me and has obsessions with things I can't wrap my head around (I'll NEVER understand his fascination with freight trains. ever.) I am super lucky to have him for a brother and even luckier to have him for a friend.