Tuesday, May 21, 2013

if you like it then you should have put a coat of paint on it

Recently at Target I overheard a woman lamenting the fact that the (easily paintable!!) item she loved came in a color she didn't. I wanted to run over to her and preach the gospel of paint. But, being a shy person who avoids talking to strangers at all costs, I decided to avoid the soapbox for the time being and pour my passion into a blog post instead ;)

Paint allows you to see potential in things that you'd otherwise avoid. It can turn cheap toys (like... plastic dinosaurs) into cute decor, and ugly flea market finds into treasured possessions. And it's fun!! If you haven't seen a horrendous color disappear while you're waving a can of spray paint over it like a magic wand... well you simply have not lived, my friend!

Here are some of my favorite paint transformations!

Thanks to spray paint, I turned a bright red french fry bowl and a neon yellow clearance basket into pretty purple organizers for my closet! The same color also came in handy for my DIY lipstick holder!

Packing orders for my etsy shop requires the use of some terribly ugly utilitarian supplies like tape dispensers. The green one began life in a dull beige hue, and the peach one was originally black. I'm so much happier working when my office supplies are this pretty :)

This lamp was a flea market find almost 10 years ago. It was black and rusty and the original wiring was frayed. A little sandpaper and spray paint and it looks as good as new! My mom and I re-wired it, and now it's a one of a kind lamp that is right at home in my bedroom.

My IKEA dresser was originally completely unfinished wood, but I decided a couple months ago to spruce it up by painting the frame the same grapefruit shade as my door and closet. I also switched out the standard knobs. The flowers are from Anthropologie and the cats are from Urban Outfitters.

While I had the paint out, I also decided to paint my office desk! It too was unfinished wood and needed a little pick-me-up. I love unfinished wood (the desk behind me in my outfit pictures doesn't have any stain or paint on it) but sometimes a bright coat of paint is just so much better!

For the dressers in my closet I did the same thing that I did in my bedroom and just painted the frame. I think covering the original plain birch wood with mint green helped make these look more at home in my 60's beauty parlor themed dressing room!

Last but not least, my absolute favorite paint makeover! It was so easy (and cheap! I didn't even use one full quart of paint) and it made SUCH a huge difference! My room feels so much bigger and brighter since I painted my bed frame mint green.

And I mean, isn't it a nice thought that when you're shopping for a bed -- or a dresser, or a lamp, or a table -- that the only thing you really NEED to consider is the quality and basic structure. Even if it's the most hideous hue you've ever seen or covered in a blinding pattern fit for a fun house, as long as there is paint on this planet it doesn't matter. Just something to remember next time you're at Target and see the most beautiful vase you've ever laid your eyes on in the most apalling color known to man ;)