Thursday, May 23, 2013

backwards buttons

I really, really love this outfit! Also, I wore the shirt backwards all day and didn't realize until I took it off at night. I think it looks pretty cute with the buttons in the front though so I'll probably wear it backwards on purpose next time ;)

This weekend I'm doing my first art show in two years! I used to do outdoor art exhibits full time until Flapper Doodle took off, but I'm way off my game now. Most of my setup supplies were strewn about in the basement (while my bedroom might reach Martha Stewart levels of organization my basement is like Martha's worst nightmare) and I've been going crazy trying to find everything I need... even really important things like original paintings and prints. Whoops! I think after this show I'm going to get a storage unit to store everything in (neatly) so I'm better prepared for the next show.

Disorganization aside, I'm really excited and I'm having so much fun getting ready! I think I've done more paintings this week than I have in the last two years combined. And I love it :)

ps. I finished up a blog design last night for Danielle from Hello Cat Lady and I love how it came out! You can check it out (and follow her, she's a sweetheart!) over here.   

skirt - c/o modcloth | yellow shirt - forever 21 | lady tie - flapper girl
shoes - c/o bait footwear | sleeveless shirt - c/o tulle | belt - forever 21