Thursday, May 30, 2013

hubble & arrietty

Hubble and Arrietty are the first cats I've ever had who get along and play with each other. Even going back to the ones we had when I was a baby, my family has always had cats who, at their best, simply tolerated each other. Hypatia and Chloe each acted like the other one didn't exist. Hubble used to bully Hypatia and she wasn't strong enough to defend herself so I had to keep them separate. He taunts Chloe a bit too, but she usually holds her own and then scurries away. In Arrietty he's finally found someone who likes to play, too, and he couldn't be happier!

They play, bathe each other, and get cozy together. It's so fun to see them forming a little kitty friendship! Arrietty had to be quarantined in my room for a while earlier this month and Hubble practically spent the entire time sitting outside my door meowing for her! It was just so cute!