Friday, May 31, 2013

cats cats everywhere

Often I have days where I try on dozens of outfits and all of them look terrible. I get fed up with my closet turning into a disaster zone, clothes strewn about all over the place, and force myself to just wear whatever I put on next. Sometimes it results in me looking like I never learned how to properly dress myself and sometimes it results in fun little outfits that I end up liking, like this one!

Tonight my family and I are leaving for a little weekend trip to Washington, DC to belatedly celebrate my dad's 60th birthday. I'm excited but I'm going to miss the kitties so much! I've gotten really used to Arrietty sleeping with me every night now... and if one little weekend is bothering me, I have no idea how I'm going to handle being separated from her for months when me and Kyle go on our road trip this summer. I guess I'll just have to skype with her a lot! :)

shirt, cardigan and skirt - forever 21 | i love cats brooch - modcloth
cat head brooch - oh yeah cat heads | belt - from another dress | shoes - ebay