Wednesday, May 1, 2013

bears. beets. brooches.

There's a new brooch design over at sweet and lovely, and it's featuring America's favorite Assistant (to the) Regional Manager! ;D I drew this and had a sample made so that I could wear it to the Office Wrap Party this weekend, and when it came in the mail I just loved it SO much that I had to make more for Sweet and Lovely!

I also drew Michael Scott, Kevin, and Creed but I don't have pictures of the finished brooches yet -- they're coming soon though! If they go over well I might add more characters but for now I'm just sticking with my own favorites in case I end up having to keep all the brooches myself, lol! I also drew a Carl Sagan one, too! I'm probably getting a little carried away with the faces-as-wooden-brooches thing but I am just so smitten with this little Dwight, I can't help myself!