Sunday, January 27, 2013

shop my closet update!

I went through my closet this week and purged some stuff that I've either never worn or know I'll probably never wear again, and ended up with about 30 pieces! It's all up for grabs here. Hurry and get things before I change my mind and take them back down lol ;)

I priced everything super cheaper than what I actually paid, just because I really don't have the time to do individual measurements for this batch. But for reference, basically everything (except the one size small shirt) fit me and I'm 37" - 28" - 40" and I'm 5' tall. Some things fit better than others, but I mentioned if anything ran small or large in the description. If you really really really need a measurement on something let me know, but please only ask if you're 100% serious about purchasing.

ps. I listed everything in my sweet & lovely shop so there's combined shipping if you wanted anything from there too. just saying... ;p