Saturday, January 26, 2013

clarissa explains it all paper dolls!

I am so so so excited about my newest project! It's a Clarissa Explains it All paper doll! ah! It's no secret that I am a massive Clarissa fan -- I even had a Clarissa Explains it All Week here in 2011, and she was the subject of my first Style Idol post. Her style and outlook on life greatly influenced who I am and what I wear. While I don't necessarily have a closet full of cut-off jean jackets and neon t-shirts, her security in marching to the beat of her own drum and dressing differently gave me the confidence to do the same, in my own particular way.

Anyway! I thought her offbeat 90's style would be a fantastic subject for a paper doll! The main outfit is from the opening credits and it also includes 11 other clothing pieces to mix-and-match plus a choker, earth earrings and Elvis of course! ;) I posted this on instagram yesterday and someone pointed out that I left out her ant pajamas. Those were one of my favorites (and probably the instigator for my massive patterned pajama collection) and I can't believe I forgot to include them! So I'm probably going to make a set of extra clothes you can get to add on later. Kind of like Barbie only flat and made out of paper.

They're available here! All of the clothing pieces actually fit on the doll so you can choose to play with it or frame it, it's up to you! ;)