Wednesday, January 30, 2013

everybody pants now

Whenever I say the word "pants" I think of Leslie Knope singing "Everybody pants now! Pants, pants, pants, pants, pants" ... I obviously watch too much tv.

But yeah, I am wearing pants! It's a novelty indeed, but I think I might wear them more often... at least this particular pair. They're very comfy (for pants) and I am in love with the color and polka-dottedness. They actually are a much nicer color in person.. a little lighter and more like cornflower blue. I'm getting really tired of the overcast weather we've been having here, not just because it makes taking photos virtually impossible (even photoshop can't work its usual magic on my might-as-well-be-midnight dark photos) but because it's affecting my mood as well. I've just been so darn down in the dumps for the last two weeks. Every waking minute I've wanted to be asleep. But hopefully the clouds will soon say toodle-oo and my room, my life and my mood will all be sunny again :)

sweater and pants - f21 | shoes - c/o bait footwear | dinosaur necklace - sweet and lovely