Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I think my favorite part of this season is enjoying the traditions that we've had since me and my brother were kids. We wake up super early to open presents and eat breakfast (croissants, every year!) then head over to my grandmom's for brunch, and then it's back home for dinner! Last year me and my brother started a new tradition of watching all of the christmas episodes of The Office before going to sleep on Christmas night, too. Also Chloe -- my antisocial cat -- joins us for opening presents on Christmas morning every year without fail. It's because she likes all the wrapping paper but we kid ourselves into thinking it's her gift to us ;) I look forward to it so much though!!

Me and my dad went out for some last-minute shopping this weekend and I found these cute little paper houses at Home Goods (my first time in there, by the way, and it's amazing!!) I had been looking for similar ones at Target (they were on the website and said "not sold online" but NO stores near me had them) but I like these a lot better, plus the whole set (including the little snowmen) was only $12. It was looking sort of plain, so I did a quick backdrop painting, inspired by this vintage greeting card (thanks for the link Casey!!) I'm going to be so sad when it's time to take all my Christmas decorations down next week! My room was starting to feel so festive!

Well I still have some presents to wrap (I'm writing this on Christmas Eve and scheduling it.. sneaky! ;D) and hot chocolate waiting for me, and I have my own little tradition of watching the "How the Ghosts Stole Christmas" episode of The X-Files.  I hope everyone is having a wonderfully merry day! :)

ps. I'm having a one day 25% off sale in my etsy shop if you have some new Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket ;)