Monday, December 17, 2012

christmas, take two

I've done a bit more Christmas decorating since my last Christmas post -- not a huge amount but I love the little additions and wanted to share some new pictures! I loved how my tree looked bare, but I love it even more with some mini tinsel and a mid-century style star (both from target) I originally wanted to add ornaments instead but I think I love the tinsel even more!

I got these adorable flocked vintage Christmas mice on etsy! I'd love to add more vintage decorations to my collection. I'm also working on a vintage-style caroler after seeing Danielle's angel in this post. I have the doll head and the paper cone, I just need to find the time to put her all together lol :)

Also the art in the background is from an It's a Small World postcard set I got on vacation last month! Mary Blair stuff can be hard to find, so if you can't make it to Disney World or Disneyland, I also found them on amazon here.

I'm at Michaels (the craft store) almost every day, it seems, but I still spend at least 20 minutes scouring the shelves for something I might have missed on a previous trip. Last week I found these candy canes. I threw away the box so I don't remember what flavor they are (I'm thinking either skittles or smarties?) but they're so pretty and pastel, I just had to hang them up! I alternated them with these pretty snowflake ornaments I got at Target. I don't know if you can tell from the photo but they look like iced gingerbread cookies! They're adorable!

Lastly, I got a little pink Christmas tree for my dresser! I actually bought it thinking I'd put it in storage for when I eventually have more room (it's the perfect grapefruit-y shade of pink, and it was 50% off, so that's when my "buy it even if you need to put it in storage for now" thoughts kick in) but once I realized it would fit on my dresser I just couldn't put it away! And I made a makeshift star from an enamel brooch :)

Oh, I also got some miniature wooden nutcrackers from the dollar store and painted them to match my room, but I forgot to take pictures! I'll sneak them into an outfit post sometime this week ;)