Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking back on 2012

Most people probably start these posts with "wow! this year just flew by!!" but for me this year dragged on like no other. It was one of my least favorite years so far, and I'm pretty happy to be bidding adieu to 2012 tonight. With that being said, there were some happy moments sprinkled throughout the year and thanks to this blog they were documented, so I can remind myself that 2012 wasn't entirely as gloomy as I thought it was. Here are some of my favorite outfits, posts and moments from the past year!

Favorite outfit: sick day and black and grey
Favorite post: My top 5 storage solutions for small spaces
Moments: I saw Beauty & The Beast in 3D with my mom and grandmom, I dyed my hair pink again starting a new year of indecisive hair coloring, I got hooked on LOST, I made my first fonts for Flapper Doodle

Favorite outfits: pastel fade and I have to see some dinosaurs like right now
Favorite posts: DIY business card valentines, Bright hair care Q&A with Kelsi from Brighter Sides
Moments: I adopted Hubble!! I hit 4,000 sales in my etsy shop, we celebrated Chloe's ninth anniversary and Hypatia had an amazing recovery from a scary illness

Favorite outfits: Posh frock friday and This outfit is my favorite outfit of all outfits
Favorite posts: My Pi Day festivities
Moments: Getting to work on the Sucre paper doll poster, seeing Dinosaurs!!, I celebrated my 2nd blog anniversary, and I finally got some much-needed closet space (still haven't posted photos of that yet, though! whoops!)

Favorite outfits: dots and dots and my first thrifting find
Favorite post: DIY 3D embellished dress
Moments: I started The Book Fair, attended the science festival in Philadelphia with my family, and dyed my hair light red.

Favorite outfits: Confetti salad and buzz buzz buzz
Favorite post: my wardrobe in review video for a modcloth contest
Moments: I celebrated five years with Hypatia, I rediscovered my love for painting, I updated my blog layout and dyed my hair dark blonde.

Favorite outfits: Look what I made: unicorn dress! and lilac & leopard
Favorite posts: Scalloped stamped dress DIY and my unicorn dress!
Moments: I met Amber in person (!!!!!) I hit 5,000 sales in my etsy shop, my family and I started spending Saturdays at the beach (it was so perfect!), and Danielle asked me to be a part of the Kitschy Digitals launch

Favorite outfits: would you like fries with that? and Inspired by The Nard Dog
Favorite posts: a happy hypatia post and lipstick organizer DIY
Moments: I was featured in Vogue Girl Korea, my laptop bit the dust (but I love my new one!), my grandmom turned 75, I took a day trip to NYC with my mom & grandmom and had a blast, and I dressed up like Andy Bernard from The Office.

Favorite outfits: pink! and bridesmaid gown restyle
Favorite post: how to make a seamless repeating pattern
Moments: I went one whole year with at least one sale-a-day in my etsy shop, Chloe (aka the assassin) let me hold her, and I dyed my hair pink again.

Favorite outfits: my favorite outfit EVER and ballet memories
Favorite posts: I miss the 90's, how one dress changed my life, and my top 5 closet storage solutions
Moments: I saw The Birds on the big screen, I finished my 2013 Flapper Doodle calendar (my favorite FD work to date!) and I started saving for my own house.

Favorite outfits: Pumpkin pie and Back to normal
Favorite post: Just a couple of kittens out on the town
Moments: I launched Sweet and Lovely!, made a dress specifically for apple picking, saw Lawrence of Arabia on the big screen and dyed my hair dark blonde again (last hair color change for the year, hooray!)

Favorite outfits: birthday frock and such a wholesome place
Favorite post: we're clearly soldiers in petticoats
Moments: I was officially one year older, I went to Disney World!!, I flew on an airplane for the first time ever and I hit 6,000 sales in my etsy shop on my birthday :)

Favorite outfits: a new favorite and jeepers creepers
Favorite post: some thoughts on the christmas spirit
Moments: My Aunt Annie turned 101, I had a really fun day in New York with my brother, I decorated my room for Christmas, and enjoyed some time off with my family :)