Sunday, December 30, 2012


Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and it's that time of year for thinking about change and life and what we'll do differently after the clock strikes twelve on January 1st. I have lots of changes in mind for my life but today I want to talk about a few I have in mind for this blog.

When I started blogging here in 2010, it was meant as an outlet for posts that wouldn't fit into my classic film blog, Silents and Talkies. Eventually I decided to start uploading outfit posts as a way to improve my terrible self-confidence (I went from covering my face in photoshop in my first outfit photo --I'm not kidding-- to actually smiling at the camera now. Mission accomplished!) Last year I tried really hard to stick to a schedule, afraid that my inborn laziness would creep into blogging and I'd unintentionally abandon it. I used to blog twice a day. Every. Single. Day. 9am every morning and 6pm every evening. I was determined to stick to it.

But over the last six months or so, I've become much more laid back about my regimented schedule and started posting maybe 4-6 times a week. I like it this way, and that's one thing that isn't going to change in 2013. I've found that this blog has become such a major part of my life now, I'm going to post whether it's 6pm or not. I'm still going to get that "ooh I should blog about this!" urge, and when I get dressed in the morning, dagnabit, I'm going to take a photo of myself posing awkwardly in my bedroom.

Because I'm blogging a bit less nowadays, though, I think it's time to change something else -- my sponsorship program. Even though my readership has grown significantly since the last time I adjusted my prices (thank you!) I am essentially cutting them in half. I'm phasing out all sizes except for the extra large size and extending the run time of that size to 60 days while keeping the price the same. If you're a current sponsor, I've already e-mailed you with information about how this change might affect you. If you're a prospective sponsor, you can see my rates and traffic and purchase an extra large ad here.

But the main change that I have in mind for Scathingly Brilliant is that I want to blog about my artwork and projects more often. I've always been wary about this before because it seems like my flapper doodle posts get substantially less feedback than basically anything else I could possibly post here. I'm sure my mind blows it way out of proportion but I always feel like nobody wants to see when I post new drawings or etsy shop updates, or that I'm annoying everyone. But it's a major part of who I am and honestly I'm much more proud of my artwork than I am of the fact that I managed to dress myself in the morning lol ;) So, whether or not it's a popular thing to post, I'm definitely going to be sharing more art in 2013. Hopefully it will help encourage me to draw more often, too, since I've been picking up my pen and paper less and less with each passing year.

Finally, I want to share more of the things I love -- like I did when I started this blog in 2010. If you perused my recent posts you'd know that I like clothing and pastel colors but you'd never guess that I'm a huge astronomy and dinosaur geek, I love classic movies, I am an avid reader and a champion at arcade basketball. I have SO many interests but I feel like I share a very narrow sliver of them here. That's definitely going to change.

Oh, and more pictures of my cats. Definitely more pictures of my cats.