Friday, December 28, 2012

at the last minute

Me and my dad always go out shopping at the last minute on Christmas Eve. We've been doing it since I was little, usually walking out the door of the last store right as the manager is coming over the loudspeaker to announce that they're closed. It's such a fun tradition for us, even though it can be kind of stressful to hunt down those last minute gifts! I usually do a good deal of my shopping online but my dad does almost all of his on this one trip. This year we were pretty successful, finding some really perfect presents for my mom and managing to find dark green hand towels (the one item on her wishlist this year) at K-Mart after looking unsuccessfully for that specific color at what must have been 10 other stores first!

I really loved how my outfit looked with my coat but didn't get a picture of it at home, so here's a silly mirror picture I took at Kohls.. Actually, it probably makes me completely uncool for admitting this, but I rather like mirror pictures. I feel less stupid taking them, rather than posing like an idiot in my bedroom with the self timer ;p And I get to include my Hello Kitty iphone case, so there's that too..

ps. While I'm admitting things I shouldn't .. I don't think I've actually answered my blog/personal emails in over a month. yikes. I was in Disney, then I was really sick, then I had my Christmas rush in my etsy store and then, well, Christmas. I'm preparing on tackling them little by little over the next couple of weeks though. I'm just enjoying a bit of time off with my family this week and then I'll get to it. Sorry if you've been waiting on a response from me! I hope you understand :)

dress - c/o emerging thoughts | coat - f21 | scalloped collar shirt - asos | tights - target
shoes - payless | purse - modcloth | hat - absolutely no idea