Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My top five favorite: Twin Peaks actors in other tv shows

1. Dennis (Denise) Bryson // Fox Mulder on The X-Files

2. Laura Palmer // Ellie Harp on One Tree Hill

3. Shelly Johnson // Andrea Rhodes on Mad Men

4. Dale Cooper // The Captain on How I Met Your Mother

5. Audrey Horne // Ginger on Friends

It seems like Twin Peaks people pop up in every single show I watch, so I thought I'd round up my favorites! Number one is obviously Fox Mulder, since The X-Files is my favorite tv show (technically Twin Peaks came first, so he was a Twin Peaks actor in another series, but to me, since I watched TXF first he was an X-Files actor in Twin Peaks. Tohmayto-Tomahto) but I think my favorite of the batch is probably Kyle MacLachlan playing The Captain. His episodes crack me up so much (I love the whole "mouth is smiling, eyes want to kill you" thing) that he was definitely my favorite HIMYM guest star.

Soo these are my top five, what are yours? :)