Thursday, April 26, 2012

star stuff // wishlist edition

I've been bookmarking a lot of things that could easily be included in wishlist wednesday or star stuff, but I kept putting off posting them because I couldn't decide where to include them (overthink much?) Anyway, I obviously ended up choosing to post them for Star Stuff because here they are! :)

1. Gold dipped constellation necklace from One Eyed Dog // $28.00
2. Cat watercolor print from Water in My Paint // $15.00
3. Cosmic chill out top from Modcloth // $33.99
4. Nebula iphone case and skin kit from Skunk Wraps // $24.95
5. Blue cotton wristlet from Cosmic Totes // $25.00
6. Astronaut ice cream balls from Think Geek // $3.99
7. Pugs in space necklace from Modcloth // $36.99
8. Galaxy printed hair bow from Little Shop of Binks // $7.00
9. Starburst cluster galaxy skirt from Shadowplay NYC // $138.00
10. Planets charm necklace from ASOS // $14.54
11. Meow-ter space necklace from Modcloth // $33.99

ps. After I saved the wishlist I realized I didn't like the galaxy image in the background but because I was stupid (I didn't save the psd file) and lazy (I didn't feel like re-doing the whole thing) I'm posting it as-is lol...