Friday, April 27, 2012

posh frock friday

dress - swap with Amber
cardigan - c/o modcloth
belt - old navy
shoes - urbanog

I wore this last Friday to go visit my Aunt Annie in the nursing home. I still can't get over how feisty she is for being 100 years old! She started telling us how many people had died since she moved in there and how she even saw one lady die right in front of her. It seemed so sad, and then she smiled, said "ah, well.. less people!" and starting laughing! She has her blue moments, but I love that (for the most part) she has such a flippant attitude and a light way of dealing with dark things.

I'm starting to keep a little journal of some of the things she's said or done lately. Until recently she had a sign on her door that said "Stay the hell out of my room. And I mean it! -Ann" I think the fact that she signed her name on the note was my favorite part. She was also telling us that she needs some new girdles and bras. 100 years old and wheelchair-bound, but she needs a new girdle. How can you not love that?!?