Tuesday, April 10, 2012

hopping down the bunny trail

dress - modcloth
glasses chain - asos
shoes - asos
cardigan - old navy

I wore this over my grandmom's for Easter dinner on Sunday. We had such a nice time! Me and my dad don't eat meat, so we partook of our usual Easter tradition and got platters at Whole Foods to enjoy while everyone else had ham and kielbasa. My mom and I just discovered that you can play Bookworm (a video word game) on cable with the remote, so after dinner we gathered around the tv and played until it was time for dessert. We also played a quick game of Sorry (grandmom won!) and me and my mom decided to sing most of the lyrics to all of the songs from Mary Poppins before finally heading home. My grandmom lives about one block away, but for some reason we only visit on Christmas and Easter (she visits us about 3-4 times a week though) which makes holidays at her place extra special!

ps. The Easter Bunny brought me grapefruit juice, Flakes, Now and Laters, a jump rope and sidewalk chalk. Did anyone else get anything good? :)

pss. Happy Anniversary to my favorite parents in the whole wide world!! ♥