Wednesday, April 11, 2012

meet me at the drive-in

dress - c/o modcloth
sweater - f21 (really old)
shoes - target

This dress reminds me so much of drive-in diners for some reason! I love it!! The only one in my area with car service is a Stewart's franchise, which serves killer potato knishes and cream sodas. I wish we could go more often, but it's usually jam-packed and honestly everyone in my family prefers eating at home anyway (except me, but I'm usually ruled out 3-1. Hypatia's vote doesn't count.) One time, years ago, we accidentally drove off with one of their thick glass mugs still in the car. Me and my brother loved it so much we talked our parents into letting us keep it, and to this day we still have to fight over who gets to use it.

ps. I just realized I left The Trouble with Angels off of my list yesterday! D'oh! That would *definitely* make it into my top five cheer-up movies, but I'm not sure which of the ones I already picked would have to get knocked off to make room for it...