Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Freebie // 50 sixties hair scans

My new closet has a 60's beauty parlor theme, so I thought it would be really cool if I used vintage hairdo portraits for the artwork! I bought a 1965 mini purse book on etsy called "50 Styles for Problem Hair" and scanned the photos at 800 dpi so that I could have enlargements printed. So far I already had one printed at Staples as a black and white architectural blueprint (24" x 24" and it only cost me $3!) and it came out terrific! I mounted it with spray adhesive on foam board and it's already hanging up in my closet.

Anyway, I thought these pictures were so fantastic I just had to share them! You can do whatever you'd like with them. Combined the file size was way too big to upload as a zip file on my server, so instead I put them on flickr and you can download whichever ones you'd like individually. Here is the link to the set on flickr! :)