Wednesday, September 14, 2011

room tour part 2

Part two of my little room tour is my work area! The table is made from two 2' x 4' pieces of 3/4" thick wood mounted to my wall with brackets, and supported in the front with table legs from IKEA. It's really perfect for me... I get 8 whole feet of table space that I can use for packing orders, drawing, measuring fabric for sewing, etc. It's even perfect for folding my laundry!

(Notice Hypatia in the photo above? haha!) Right now my television is sitting on my table, but I have a bracket coming in the mail today so I can finally mount it to the wall! yay! Also, above my workspace I have art and movie posters to inspire me! Here's a little rundown on where everything came from:

Anna Karina painting - by me
Cat poster - a little store in New Hope, PA
Still from the movie Darling - ebay
Green painting - Elizabeth Bauman
White haired lady - Vivienne Strauss
Sunday in New York poster - I forget!
Cat embroidery - by me
Bette Davis linocut - Baking with Medusa
Painting of two girls - Valerie Pensworth
Prism girl - Dada Dreams
Blue painting - Elizabeth Bauman
Yellow painting - Elizabeth Bauman
Dirk Bogarde postcard - Immortal Ephemera
Jane Fonda collage - Catwalk
Purple painting - Amanda Blake
Everything will be OK screenprint - AJB + MTK

The two little pieces of art next to my thread are by Heidi Burton ... I have quite a few of her pieces and they always make me smile! Over on the left corner is my Fargo bobblehead (from Eureka!) All of the pen holders are from.. wait for it.. IKEA! :D

At the end of my desk I have this little shelving unit I got at Michaels (with a 50% coupon! huzzah!) It's absolutely *perfect* for storing all the little things I need on a daily basis as well as displaying my precious knick knacks! Also, now I always keep a little pail on my desk for garbage. When you're sewing or cutting paper you always end up with tons of tiny little scraps all over the place. Now I just keep this garbage pail by my side, and all of the trash gets disposed of immediately! Chloe will eat anything in her path, so I need to be super careful about what's laying around, especially bits of string or ribbon!

I use my under-the-table area for a LOT of storage now, so I decided to conceal it with a pretty curtain! I got the fabric at Jo Ann's this week, hemmed the edges and attached it to my table with velcro!

Under my table I have three red cabinets from IKEA (which I'm sure you're familiar with already thanks to my outfit photos lol) a garbage can (behind the middle curtain), the hamper I used as a kid, which I now use as a bench for my table and a shelving unit that I got at IKEA this weekend. Here's a tip -- if you have a tiny living area, always look at the kid's section while you're there! They have so many short storage options that are perfect for under-table or under-the-bed organization!

So that's part 2! I have one part left, which is just all the other little corners of my room and maybe I'll do a peek in my "closet" which is technically just a clothes rack in the upstairs hallway, lol! The one downside to converting your bedroom closet into a workspace... ;-D