Thursday, September 1, 2011

the awkward stage

red dress - modcloth
skirt - h&m
belt - forever 21
shoes - c/o blowfish
hairbow - hive & honey

Today is a pretty exciting day for me! I took the advertising plunge, and purchased my first big ad buy for Flapper Doodle, and it went up this morning! It was a huge investment for me, but after hours of talks with my financial advisor (aka Mom) I decided to go for it.

Flapper Doodle is at a really awkward stage right now. It's sort of like when you're growing out your hair, and it gets to that weird just-below-the-shoulders length... you desperately want it to be waist length, but the frustration of this in-between stage makes you want to cut it all off again. Flapper Doodle is [knock on wood] successful, in that it keeps me VERY busy and gives me a steady income. But it's also getting to be a bit too much for me to handle on my own lately, and I constantly need to ask my mom & brother to help me out. I hope that buying this ad, and hopefully more in the future, will help me expand Flapper Doodle to a two-girl operation sometime soon. My 2012 goal is to be able to have a designated workspace (aka not in my bedroom) and have a part-time employee helping me out. If I can't reach that goal, I might need to do the business equivalent of "chopping it all off," downsizing to a few products so I can actually manage it on my own.

I'd love for Flapper Doodle to be my full time job forever, so I really hope this plan works! Oh, and you can hop over to A Beautiful Mess if you want to see my ad in the sidebar! eep!! I'm really happy with how it came out! :-D

ps. Congratulations to the winner of the H&M giveaway, comment #29 Kaycie! I have a new giveaway coming next Monday, so stay tuned! :)