Tuesday, September 6, 2011

look what I made!!!

dress - handmade (did she say handmade??? YES SHE DID!!)
shoes - c/o blowfish
hair bow - hive & honey

Guess who made her own dress this weekend??! AHH! That's right, the girl who one year ago could barely sew a basic pillow has now made a dress. And it actually. looks. like. a. dress. And I wore it out for a whole day, and it did not fall apart!!! Granted, I had trouble figuring out how to size it correctly so the waist is about 3 sizes too big (hence the matching sash) but otherwise I don't think I did bad for my first try!

And wait, it gets better. I made ANOTHER dress yesterday (this time, it fits) and it has a sailor collar (that I made from a pattern that I whipped up myself!) and a little matching bow. I seriously cannot wait to take pictures to show you guys, I'm just so excited!

Last year I was *this* close to selling my sewing machine because I was so sure I was incapable of sewing. And honestly, I probably would have sold it if I didn't have so much encouragement and help from Casey! She was the recipient of way too many urgent tweets about bias tape and zippers, and I'm so incredibly grateful that she patiently (and enthusiastically!) explained everything to me. She got me from ineptitude at sewing a straight line to making a dress from scratch! Thank you Casey!!!! :)