Friday, September 2, 2011

posh frock friday

dress - dorothy perkins
shoes - modcloth
belt - forever 21
collar - ASOS
hair bow - hive & honey

First I just have to acknowledge that this is my 500th post on Scathingly Brilliant! I have no idea what the significance is, but I just felt like it was something worth mentioning :) And I guess it's fitting that this is probably my favorite PFF outfit ever!!

The dress. OH MY GOSH THE DRESS. Could it be any prettier?! I'm so in love with it! I had to alter it a bit -- the waist was too low for me, so I shortened the straps, and I had to take a couple inches off of the hem. Now it fits perfectly, though, and it's probably my favorite posh frock in my wardrobe. I love how the little hints of pink in the embroidery at the hem match my hair!

Oh, speaking of my hair! I chopped if off. Literally chopped it off. I eyeballed it, and didn't even try to make it even. I figure, I wear it up every single day.. why bother making it straight, right? It's just long enough that I can still make my little bun/beehive thingy, and I can just barely do milkmaid braids (although those might need to wait a couple weeks or else I'll just have a head full of bobby-pins, tucking in fly-aways). It's such a relief, and it feels so light! It's funny, I think the last time I cut it this short was September of last year. I must have some kind of once-a-year-haircut-bug. ha! :)