Tuesday, September 13, 2011

room tour part 1

I'm breaking this up into a few posts so I don't have too many photos, and also because I'm not entirely finished with the other side of my room yet, haha :)

So... this is my bed! I bought the four-poster frame from IKEA a few years ago during the Moroccan bedroom phase, and I love it too much to part with it even though it doesn't match my room anymore. I know it's probably the opposite of good taste, but I'm thinking about painting it a grapefruit pink color! :D All of the bedding is from IKEA (old) and I got the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers poster on ebay a couple years ago.

At IKEA this weekend I bought a couple heavy-duty hooks to attach to the wall next to my bed. I'm using them to store some extra dresses that don't fit on my clothes rack. I picked out dresses that match my bedroom, and I'm using them as artwork! It's decor and storage for the price of one! :D

Hypatia has her own little pink bed that sits on mine, and every night she curls up in it right next to me! The blue pillows behind her cat bed are there to keep her bed from sinking into the small gap between my bed and the wall :)

Tomorrow I'll post the rest of my room!