three weeks

Three weeks from today I'm leaving for Paris! It seems like the last 100 or so days have just flown right by... I'm going to blink and before I know it I'll already be back home looking at my trip photos. I've reached a point where I'm definitely more excited than nervous. I got my hotel assignments from the tour group so I did Google street-view to get acquainted with the areas I'll be staying in in Paris and Rome. I even "walked around" a bit in Paris and found some restaurants I want to try out! I'm surprised how much street-view really helped to calm my nerves. It's nice to know that I'll be familiarized with the location a bit when I arrive.

I also found out that Le Samourai is going to be playing in Paris while I'm there, and I already bought a ticket! My mom was joking that I must be the only person who books a 3 day trip to visit Paris for the first time and opts to spend 2 hours of that trip in a dark movie theater... but then I reminded her that when her & my dad visited England on their honeymoon in 1976 they went to see The Man Who Fell to Earth, lol! Movie-loving is in the blood!

dress and cardigan - forever 21 | shoes - topshop