Saturday, July 9, 2016

clever girl

Are you sick of me counting down the days until my trip yet? Because I am leaving TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY. WHAT.

I'm supposed to be getting my information packet in the mail either today or early next week, which will give me a better idea of my itinerary and the logistics of the small stressful things like getting from the airport to the hotel. I have my luggage sitting out in my room now, kind of like a semi-exciting-semi-daunting visual reminder that I need to start figuring out what to pack. I bought a power adapter. Things are happening.

Also, totally unrelated to my trip (except I guess for the fact that if you buy one you'll help me to eat food and not starve myself while I'm in Europe) my clever girl lapel pins are new and improved, and back in stock! I have a limited number available for my first run -- if you're interested you can snatch one up right here. And don't forget I have a blog reader discount code! You guys can always take 10% off any order with code "Brilliant" :)

dress - asos (similar) | shoes - vintage | blouse - asos