Thursday, July 7, 2016

junk food

When I was sorting through my clothes for my upcoming shop my closet sale I stumbled upon this dress that I hadn't worn since like... 2011? (Surprisingly it's STILL available on modcloth!? That has to be a first.) I was so glad when I tried it on and found that it still fit, albeit with a little less wiggle-room than before. eek! I guess it's somewhat ironic that this dress is covered in drawings of foods whose consumption would cause me to outgrow the dress, lol ;p

In all seriousness though, finding this reminded me that I really need to start wearing some of my forgotten pieces in my wardrobe.. I have such a habit of falling back on the same things over and over again while really unique and special dresses like this just sit on their hangers for years on end.

ps. Don't forget tomorrow is Posh Frock Friday! If you want to participate just hashtag your photo on instagram with #poshfrockfridays :)