Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I thought it would be fun to do a little remix post, I haven't done one in ages! I think it's partially because when an item in my closet gets worn a lot I tend to wear it in a similar way every time. If I get something brand new I might find an interesting way to incorporate it into an outfit but my tried and true favorites end up getting worn in a similar fashion each and every time. This dress is one of my absolute favorites.. I've only taken photos a handful of the times I've worn it (I think it's neat that I have at least one from each of my rooms though!) It's covered in tiny little plastic beads (they remind me of those dot candies that come attached to strips of paper) and I've worn it so much that they're starting to fall off!

Outfit one: April 2013 - a new chapter
Outfit two: September 2013 - candy dots
Outfit three: April 2014 - happy easter!
Outfit four: August 2014 - if the shoe fits

This is a really good example of how I do a variation on the same outfit when I really love a dress, lol. It's basically white/offwhite shirt / belt / matching shoes every time lol. Strangely though I feel like they are actually a little different - the first and last ones are my favorites. I love how the orange looks against the beige sheer blouse in the first outfit and the contrast against the minty green tights in the last one!

Outfit one: November 2013 - christmasitis
Outfit two: August 2013 - ears looking at you
Outfit three: September 2013 - the hypatia dress, take three
Outfit four: December 2012 - a new favorite

Last but not least is one of my favorite cardigans. Honestly sometimes it's hard not to add this cardigan on top of every dress and call it a day. Whenever I have to quickly get dressed and run out the door, I'll usually grab one of my favorite solid-color dresses and throw on this cardigan for an outfit that feels put-together and fun without putting much thought into it ;)

Outfit one: November 2013 - trousers and cats
Outfit two: February 2014 - let the rain pitter patter
Outfit three: May 2014 - on a roll
Outfit four: July 2014 - copycat