Wednesday, August 6, 2014

around the world in 80 minutes

I overheard someone at Epcot yesterday refer to the World Showcase as "around the world in 80 minutes" and thought it was kind of clever :) Although I'd like to meet someone who can actually whiz through the whole thing that fast. It always takes me at least a couple of hours to soak it all in. My favorite pavilion is Mexico -- if you've never been there you have to go if you ever visit Epcot! It's indoors, and made to look like a Mexican village at night and it's absolutely beautiful. It's also one of the only countries that has a ride. There's a part of the ride that looks like It's a Small World so you better believe I like it ;)

This photo was taken in England, another favorite. Most of the countries have restaurants and shopping and not too much else -- but I swear I could just hang around listening to the cast members' accents all day and that would be enough for me. I'm working on mustering up the courage to fly internationally, but until then Epcot is the closest I can get to Paris or London :)

dress- modcloth | shoes - h&m | bag - forever 21 | belt - from another dress