Friday, November 23, 2018

posh frock black friday!

Happy official start of Christmas season, everyone! There are a lot of sales going on today but just two that I want to mention here --

First of all, there's my own sale in my shop! I have lapel pins, Christmas cards and ornaments, art prints, patches, buttons, pocket mirrors, all kinds of stuff! It's all designed by me (and packed by me!) and it's all 30% off with code MISTLETOE. This is actually the biggest discount I've ever offered in my shop for Black Friday because I am really itching to pay off some medical bills, so I'm hoping 30% will be tempting enough to make that happen! ;D You can shop my sale right here.

And secondly, MODCLOTH! In my year of near-impoverishment I've very much cut back on spending, and I've been SO looking forward to having a little Christmas money from my parents and grandmom to treat myself! Modcloth is offering 30% off $100+ orders and (wait for it) 40% -- yes FORTY PERCENT -- off $200+ orders. Including sale items!! If you're a Modcloth fangirl like I am you know how rare that kind of discount is! You can shop their sale right here.

I have my eye on these socks, this sweater, this cardigan, and this dress. Also, the dress I'm wearing is from Modcloth and if I didn't already own it you better believe it would be on my wishlist! ;)

dress - c/o modcloth | shoes - aldo