Friday, November 2, 2018

baby it should be cold outside

Well, I'm back in "dressing for colder weather than we're actually having" mode. It was 75 degrees yesterday. On the first of November.

Anyway, today is the day that I had originally scheduled my medical procedure if my test results hadn't been good (if you haven't been following my health saga, they were very good results!) so I have this overwhelming sense of gratitude and calmness today. If I hadn't changed my diet and lifestyle today would be VERY different. I would have woken up extra early and spent the day at a surgery center. Instead I'm going out for a walk with my dad, doing some errands, going on a job interview (I'll share more on that later... if I get the job, haha!) and hanging out with Arrietty, just appreciating normalcy. If this year has taught me anything it's that I need to be more grateful for simple, uneventful, perfect days.

sweater - c/o modcloth | skirt - asos (old) | tights - target
boots - amazon | hat - forever 21 (old)