Friday, November 16, 2018

are you kitten me

How cute is this one-eyed cat sweater?! It's from Modcloth and it was inspired by an employee's cat named Oscar. Are you ready to die of cuteness? Because here is a photo of Oscar wearing his namesake sweater. Eeeeeeee! SO CUTE!!! Now I feel like I need to figure out a way to make an Arrietty sweater.

I haven't eaten anything yet today except some gummy vitamins so my brain is drawing the biggest blank for writing this post. I just had so much to get done today that I jumped right into it without taking the time for breakfast or tea. I always spend August-October thinking that I have plenty of time to make holiday items and get my shop ready for Black Friday but then inevitably it's the week before Thanksgiving and I'm in a frantic rush trying to prepare. Today I want to finish up some classic movie Christmas card designs I've been working on (assuming I manage to get these done, I have TEN new designs that should be in the shop this weekend!) and even though they never really sell I also want to finish up two new calendar designs.