Friday, November 30, 2018

plant propagation progress

Back in September I wrote a post about my plants, and there was this one that I had snipped off of another plant and attempted to get it to take root in water. I promised I would report back if it turned into a real plant and today is that day!! I dutifully kept changing the water once a week, rotating its exposure to the sun, and after about a month I moved it into a glass with a wider mouth. And then finally, this week, I planted it in soil!

Can you believe how beautiful it looks?! Look at all the new little buds! I can't believe that this actually worked, but now I'm so excited to try it again with some of my other plants whose pots are getting overcrowded with new growth.

This is going to be my first winter taking care of live plants and I can already tell that they need more water each week and some of them are looking a little droopier than they were in the bright summer sun. I hope they all make it through the cold dreary months okay. I'll definitely post another update on all of my plants as soon as spring is here again! :)